Gaining insights into contingent labor spending has never been more critical for cost-conscious healthcare organizations.

real-time market pricing trends

Analytics and metrics based on regionally specific labor costs are provided in real-time.

Contingent labor management can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Therefore, we work with you to build a tailored solution that will meet the unique needs of your facility. The result is better control and visibility into your supplemental labor management process.

KenkoVMS Supports:

  • Nursing & Allied
  • Locum Tenens
  • Home Health & Hospice
  • Pharmacy & Lab
  • Health IT
  • Clerical & Administrative
  • Professional & Interim Management
KenkoVMS Screenshot of software

KenkoVMS is built on a next-generation platform with modern architecture that allows for custom workflows, easy integrations with client systems, and robust Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting.

KenkoVMS Features:

  • Custom workflows
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Device agnostic
  • Real time dashboards
  • Custom and ad-hoc reports
  • Vendor neutral model
  • Complex rate plan management
  • Online credentials management
  • Electronic timekeeping
  • Consolidated invoicing

By automating the entire process KenkoVMS provides visibility that can lower costs, ensure compliance, and provide standardization and consistency for the management of supplemental workers across the organization.

The Cycle Of A Vendor-Neutral Workforce Solution

Hiring a contingent workforce is an obvious solution for companies to achieve flexibility and fast growth. Therefore finding, procuring, onboarding, managing, and off-boarding contingent labor consistently requires one platform – KenkoVMS.


Document and compliance management – Automated emails/SMS

Track team assignments and IT Assets


Approval of timesheets – Employee record keeping

Invoicing, tax & Payroll


Create and approve 

Maintain Candidate Pool


Automated Paperwork

Recover Company Assets – Permission and Access

Success Stories


Kenko is not only user-friendly and very easy to navigate, but the time savings that this provided our facilities AR/AP department is remarkable. Using multiple staffing agencies burdens our billing and scheduling departments, and Kenko streamlines the process. In addition, it is a highly simplistic yet powerful software application.

Stephanie M, Human Resources Director  

home care

We love using the Kenko system. It is a one-stop application that lets our company monitor the actual costs of our supplemental staffing usage in real time.

Judy W. Director of Nursing

National Healthcareer Association

KenkoVMS was a massive relief for us; since we started using their system, our employees have been much happier and more productive. They no longer waste time combing through monotonous invoices to verify employee timecards.

Alex J. HR Admin


Any staffing agency can benefit from this system. After the presentation by the Kenko team, it was a no-brainer for us; we had to sign up. Kenko enables us to provide our staffing services to more LTC facilities than we could have acquired on our own. I recommend that all mom-and-pop staffing agencies seriously consider signing up as a vendor with Kenko.

Glenn H. Recruitment Officer

Watch this video to understand what a managed service provider is

Watch this video to understand what a managed service provider is

Watch this video to understand what a managed service provider is

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