Hiring without the pain.

Hiring permanent staff can be challenging and taxing. Are you hitting your head against a wall? We know your struggle. Our combo of human insight, machine intelligence, and an unbeatable talent supply chain allows you to custom-build your hiring solutions. Light, meet the end of the tunnel.

Ready to GO from day one

Our fully customizable, plug-and-play technology means there are no delays, no complexities, and no waiting around—just easy access to the best people in a way that makes sense for your business. So start simplifying your access to talent – talk to our Go-Getters today.

We Use Helix Technology

Find and connect with the skilled people you need faster. Swift screening and processing of applications deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics. Seamlessly integrates with existing processes, recruitment campaigns, and core technology solutions. A fully mobile, consumer-style interface ensures a great experience.

Healthcare Facilities: What you get with KenkoVMS

Total flexibility

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Instead, our flexible and fully customizable solution moves with you, shifting with your unique business needs over time. So whether you’re looking to fill roles for a specialist team or across an entire location, we can help.

Access to great talent

We combine powerful technology with human expertise to help you find those people who can make a difference in your business. We get to know who you are, your brand, culture, and values to connect you with the right talent at the right time.

A seat for everyone

We understand the power of a workforce that welcomes and supports everyone. We have been recognized for our diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to removing work barriers for diverse groups and advocating for more accessible work. We bake inclusivity into every one of our solutions to ensure you can meet your DEI objectives.

Fast implementation

Your talent challenges can change fast, and we know you don’t want to wait for your new VMS solution to go live. That’s why we have created KenkoVMS with speed in mind. We designed it to deliver simple, powerful insights and exceptional service right from go live.

  • Short staffing due to challenges in the workforce, growth, turnover, personal leave, retirement, or even a pandemic
  • Open positions that remain unfilled for an extended period
  • Time, labor, and budgetary costs of managing invoices from multiple vendors
  • Overwhelming solicitations from individual staffing agencies that consume too much time from managers and directors
  • Candidate pools that are too small to fill open positions
  • Administrative burdens due to nontransparent bill rates and regulatory/compliance issues


HR manager, department managers and directors, staffing office personnel

Unlimited job postings

Post as many jobs as you need, with only a few minutes per post. A huge time saver

Competitive rates

With our proprietary market rates vendor notification system, you get competitive pricing from your vendor set.

Vendor management

You take the numerous vendor management tasks off your desk when you streamline your processes, including job postings, compliance, market rate data, reporting, billing, contracting, and more.

Dedicated support

You can rely on your dedicated consulting team to help with associate vendor relationships and staffing inquiries.

Procurement specialists
and executives


Enhanced reporting capabilities support your decision-making and help you see where you’re spending labor dollars. Our robust reports easily identify trends in your staffing expenses, vendor performance, and compliance with real-time data specific to your organization. Need a personalized option? We’re glad to deliver custom reports tailored to your organization.


We provide accurate, detailed breakdowns of all associate vendor expenses into a consolidated invoice that includes your cost center codes. Thus, eliminating manual processing, reducing calculation errors, and expediting the payment process through a uniform billing process.


We establish a single, standardized master contract and store all essential documentation, such as signed agreements, verified insurance certificates, and W‑9 forms.

KenkoVMS Screenshot of software

Let us show you how to simplify your vendor and talent management.

Our platform provides the best user experience possible while offering the most advanced and intuitive functionality. You should see it to understand how beneficial it can be for your vendor management process.

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